Operating System and Device Support

Operating System Support

ioHub is currently available for use on the following Operating Systems:

  1. Windows XP SP3, 7, and 8
  2. Linux 2.6 +
  3. OSX 10.6 or higher


Regardless of the Operating System being used, Python 2.6 or 2.7 32-bit is required. Even if a 64 bit OS is being used, install the 32 bit version of Python and any package dependencies.

Current Device Support

The list of available ioHub device types is OS dependent. Unavilable devices can (and will) be ported to all OS’s when time permits. One exception to this is the eye tracker (through the Common Eye Tracking Device Interface), where OS support is determined by the underlying eye tracker hardware interface.

The current state (April, 2013) of device support for each OS is as follows:

Device Type Windows Linux Mac OS X
Keyboard Yes Yes Yes
Mouse Yes Yes yes
Eye Tracker Yes H/W Dep. H/W Dep.
GamePad Yes (XInput) No No
Analog Yes No No

Devices in the works

The following devices are on the roadmap for addition to the ioHub by the end of 2013. Implementation for many devices listed below is already underway. The order of the device listing does not imply the priority of the device support implementation.

Future Device Type Windows Linux Mac OS X
Parrallel Port Yes Yes No
Serial Interface Yes Yes Yes
MBED Microcontroller Yes Yes Yes
Teensy 3 Microcontr. Yes Yes Yes
HID Joystick Support Yes Yes Yes
Cedrus RB BBox’s Yes Yes Yes

If there is a device you think would be useful to add support for in the ioHub, please let us know as it will help with development prioritization, and please consider helping with the implementation by contributing some time to the project.