Credits and Thanks

Without the help and input from the following people and organizations, ioHub would not be where it is today. This page is dedicated to thanking those people for the time and effort they have spent helping make this happen.

General ioHub Contributions

The following people (listed alphabetically) have contributed to the overall ioHub Project.

  • QIAN Chencan - Chinese Academy of Sciences - Early testing and user feedback on ioHub, including input on timing related matters.
  • Pierce Edmiston - University of Wisconsin-Madison - Help with implementing and proofing ioHub Documentation, general functional testing and improvement / enhancement feedback, and EyeLink Common Eye Tracker Implementation testing.
  • Jeremy Gray - Michigan State University - OS X Implementation input and testing. Example script optimizations.
  • Jeff Pelz - R.I.T. - Input on functional priorities, the Common Eye Tracker Interface, and active ‘real lab use’ test site.
  • Dong Wang - R.I.T. - System functionality feedback, input, and testing support.

I would also like to extend a special thank you to Jonathan Pierce, creator of PsychoPy, who has been kind enough to provide me with feedback on the ioHub specifications, but to me more importantly, invaluable input on the great world of open-source projects and his experience working within it. I really can not say enough about how much his input has meant to me and how much it has been appreciated. You are a genuine scholar and teacher Jon. Thank You.

This thanks is extended to the PsychoPy developer and user group as a whole; many members of which have made important points and debate that I always find informative and useful.

It is also so important to thank and recognize all the incredible open source Python packages and modules that the ioHub uses to do what it does. Without the hard work of these project teams, this project would not exist either. The list of current dependencies for ioHub can be found in the Installation Section of this manual.

Common Eye Tracker Interface Contributions

The ioHub project is being developed for use by the COGAIN Technical Committee on Eye Data Quality on a volunteer basis by iSolver Solutions. I would like to acknowledge all the hard work that the volunteers of the committee membership have been contributing toward the COGAIN Technical committees’ overall goals.

The hope is that the package will also serve as a useful open source and free resource for the psychology and eye tracking research community in general.

The following people (listed alphabetically) have contributed to the Common Eye Tracker Interface component of the ioHub.

  • Josh Borah - A.S.L. - Pseudo code implementation of physical unit to various eye angle measures.
  • Thomas Jablonski - SMI - SMI Common Eye Tracker Implementation Version 2 Input and Support.
  • Markus Joos - Interactive Minds - LC Technologies Common Eye Tracker Implementation Input and Support.
  • Oskar Fajerson - Tobii - Tobii Common Eye Tracker Implementation Input and Support.
  • Kenneth Holmqvist - Lund University - Input on functional design of the Common Eye Tracker Interface.
  • Michael MacAskill - University of Otago - Contributed a python wrapper of much of the SMI UDP interface at the very beginning of the pyEyeTracker (as it was then called) project. This contribution has not been used however due to SMI stating that the UDP interface would not be supported in the future.
  • Fiona Mulvey - Lund University - Input on functional requirements for the Common Eye Tracker Interface for the COGAIN Eye Tracker Standardization Committee.

I would also like to thank LC Technologies, SMI, and Tobii for providing one of their systems on a loaned basis to me so that I could work with them and implement the Common Eye Tracker Interface for their system. Things in this area would not be where they are without this generous consideration on their part, and it has been greatly appreciated.

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved, please post your interest on the ioHub developer group list, or contact me (Sol) directly.